Why are YOU visiting here??

According to Google (last time I looked!) we are now one of the top Change blogs. We are now getting over 5,000 human visitors per month and I know nothing about who you are or why you visit.  I’d really love to close that gap and learn a little about what brings you here, what you like, what you are looking for…

Please, please take a moment to leave a comment below.

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14 Responses to “Why are YOU visiting here??”

  1. julia godwin says:

    Hi Richard, we don’t get to meet up too often & I don’t get the time to check your blog too often either… but somehow your comments, musings etc stick with me more than much of the stuff I come across. I, too, love walking & was walking along the beach near the house we recently bought. It is pebbly & I started thinking about the millions of stones/pebbles, how each was different, very different & yet if you lift your eyes the beach looks golden & could be a continuous strip of bronzed sand… I spent ages mulling various aspects of change / organizational parallels and thought of you many times in the process. I think perhaps there is something quite deep about linking evolving/regenerating people, evolving/regenerating systems & organizations with our evolving/ regenerating natural world… so thank you for your wonderful blog – Jules

  2. Jules,
    So lovely to hear from you and to hear that you are enjoying this blog. It is a big commitment and it is so good to hear that people are getting something from it.. .especially someone like you!

    I look forward to hearing more of your musings and hope you find to post here more often!

  3. I am visiting this site – and plan to continue – because I am fascinated by the change process in organizations. As a former CEO (head of school) in the politically charged environment of independent schools, I made a lot of mistakes before I caught on to the kind of wisdom you purvey in this blog. When, later, serving as a consultant, I would have been happy to have a source of advice, other than my own, to offer schools. I’m so fascinated by the phenomena of change in organizations and in all of us as individuals that when I wrote “Saving Miss Oliver’s,” it turned out to be a case study, as well as a novel – a fact I didn’t understand until it was finished.

  4. Thanks very much Stephen , I look forward to your contribution here

  5. A Karthik says:

    I was recently thinking about organizational change and how to make to make a faster impact when I came up with a mathematical model to explain some common tools. I searched up if any published info was available and came to your site

    My model is here – rather simplistic bit insightful for me.


  6. I’m not a good enough mathematician to understand your formulae, but I certainly agree that the more complexity you chuck into the pot the harder it is to get it to work! Read the upcoming blogs on complexity starting next week.

  7. Chan6es says:

    I absolutely love your cloud widget! And your logo. Come and visit us at chan6es and feel welcome to send me a change related article for publication (maybe about organisational change psychology?). I have popped a little of your info onto the Facebook Chan6es site. Go take a look 🙂 Keep up the good work!! 🙂 Chris Parry CEO Chan6es Australia.

  8. Very glad you liked it Chris, happy to do that..

  9. ABWST says:

    I arrived here because I was interested in the nature of time and there was a link from the BBC web site. (“In our Time” section) — time and change are the essence of classical music, which is now my main life interest in retirement.
    I arrived almost by accident!

  10. Thank you Andrew and welcome, I hope it is a happy accident

  11. I stumbled upon your website during a search for change management ‘stuff’ on the web. We are a boutique (meaning small) change and transition / leadership / performance management focused consultancy in Ontario, Canada. Any time I find people talking about change, I stop and graze.
    I like your analogy of the head and the heart, re: the business man you talk about and his avoidance behaviour.


  12. Michael,
    It is nice to hear from, and gain approval from, a fellow traveller (especially a pro!)

  13. Matt Kinsey says:

    I am visiting because I want to help make changes in my current org. There are numerous areas to change and I want to gain some insight around the best way to institute changes and gain ideas also.

  14. Matt, thanks for leaving your reasons. Hopefully you will find some helpful ideas and tips here. We’d love to hear how you get on.

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