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Drawing the line

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I had an interesting conversation with a client today who was confronted with a fascinating ethical dilemma.  Obviously I can’t go into any of the details here, but at a generic level, he had been confronted by two tales which suggested that two different members of staff might be  behaving inappropriately.  However, the accusation against person B came from suspect A, so who could he believe?  Furthermore, would taking decisive action harm his business more than their behaviour?

It was hard to know how to advise him.  However, one thing we could do is to remind ourselves of what the business was trying to achieve and its values.  It is so crucial to know what is truly important to you / your business so that you know where to draw the line…

“Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace.”   Oscar Wilde

Rapid Progress?

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

As something of a champion of Change, you maybe somewhat surprised by the tone of this blog, but it occurred to me today when discussing the general state of health and well-being of our people that there is an interesting alternative perspective on change.  Consider this:  five hundred years ago I would have done the same job as my father and his father before him.  I’d probably have lived in the same house, in the same village.  Everything I ate would come from the same gene stock as what they ate.  Very little would change from generation to generation;  no change, no progress.  These days not only does it rapidly change generation to generation but decade to decade!

Of course I am not arguing that this is necessarily a bad thing.  There are millions alive today who would not be if not for progress.   However, if I have a 200 mph Porsche and speed off down the motorway in the wrong direction, I will get lost much better and much sooner than the little old man who is walking. 

I wonder if some of the apparent progress has price tickets that will only become clear in years to come and just how long it will take us to make good our mistakes and oversights?  

For Change to be a good thing one has to bear in mind what is really important and what one is trying to achieve in the long haul.  Today’s shortcut could be Tomorrow’s nightmare….

“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.”  Oliver Wendell Holmes

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”   Albert Einstein

If you don’t like the way the game is going, change the rules!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Yesterday the chancellor announce a suite of new measures to change the way the economy is heading, reducing VAT rates, talking about new Income Tax bands, deferring car tax increases.  Things which were unthinkable a little while ago are now happening!  Political parties are having to quickly revisit long-held beliefs and search for the real underpinning values and separate them from mere policies.

Today maybe a good day for you to consider what is really important and what is just a way to get it.  If you aren’t enjoying the results you are getting, it is time for you to change the rules too!

“My doctrine is not a doctrine but just a vision. I have not given you any set rules, I have not given you a system.”   Buddha

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”   Albert Einstein


Article: Who sets the rules

I believe..

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

I turned on the radio the other day and heard an old hit from the 60’s “I believe” by the Bachelors and whilst it is rather schmaltzy it got me thinking. We are all governed by a set of deeply ingrained beliefs about things like how safe the world is, how it operates, peoples essential nature etc and these beliefs drive much of our behaviour. If you think that the world is fundamentally unsafe then you are constantly scanning for danger and often in a state of pre-flight/fight in case you need to escape or attack. If you believe it is a dog-eat-dog world, then you are probably expecting everyone you meet to be conning you and so find trust difficult.

I’ll be honest with you; I think this is not only a crucial area, but one I find hard to get to grips with. I know there are people out there who think that we can choose our beliefs, and perhaps some people can, but I find that hard to credit. There are others who feel they have tools to alter our beliefs and I have had some fascinating conversations about this subject with them. I suspect that our beliefs come from our upbringing and our experiences; the former are hard to shed without sufficient of the latter that contradict these early messages.

We may not find this an easy area to change, but I think that it is crucial that we take stock of our beliefs and understand the behaviours that they drive, because, make no mistake, they are very powerful. Knowing where they drive us gives us some element of choice about our responses.

I would love to hear from you about your beliefs on this subject and your experiences.

“Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it.” Andre Gide
“Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it. Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held. Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books. Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin. Believe nothing just because someone else believes it. Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true.” Paraphrased from Buddah