We design, organise and facilitate large meetings and conferences that are highly interactive, participative and high energy.

It is fundamental to the way we work that everything that we design is congruent with the changes you are trying to make and the type of organisation you wish to become. For example, we recently ran a conference for 140 senior managers & directors from The Manchester Airports Group, (and here is what they had to say about it) and two of their values are Colleagues & Innovation, so we had to make sure that it involved everyone, respected diversity and was highly original in its approach.

These workshops are usually held in one very large room, which means that everyone has a sense of being part of something big.....a team!

There is always an excited buzz.

Here are a few delegate quotes:-

"Plenary sessions were very telling for both good & bad responses. Enjoyed the pace of the day, no time to get bored."

[What did you get out of the day?] "Bonding, focus, new ideas, feeling more of a part of the group”

“Sense of fun” “Great day" “Brought values to life” “Feeling of solidarity”

"The honesty developed as the day progressed"

Here is a reprint of the article that Manchester Airports Group wrote about our conference

If you need a cost-effective, imaginative solution that really delivers for you, call us!

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Testimonials: ..the result of Richard's intervention moved the team forward by at least 6 to 8 weeks - SmithKline Beecham, Director and VP of Enterprise Integration
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