SPT (Strategic Planning Tool)

SPT (Strategic Planning Tool) a simple, but highly effective new approach to Strategic Planning for your business. This one day workshop gives business Leaders / Owners and opportunity to step back form their busy lives and review their options, assess risks and map out new possibilities. It as springboard for change and growth.

This flowchart gives an overview of the process. A key to the success of this process is the independent facilitation, which allows the Leadership team to see their business afresh. This process helps companies set their strategic agenda, which we then help them implement.

strategic planning tool

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Testimonial: "SPT provided a logical sequence for linking individual objectives with a strategic business plan. Our previous planning had started with corporate & financial objectives and thus missed addressing the crucial aspects of personal needs." Managing Director, Eurolog

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Testimonials: Richard has a depth of experience and a wealth of anecdotes which always helped me to see things differently and more clearly - Business Solutions Group Manager National Grid Wireless
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