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It is fashionable to call every group a team, but we know from experience that this isn’t so. Team Challenge is a genuinely never-to-be-forgotten experience, that will transform your group or team. Working in a safe, but highly challenging outdoors environment we help you explore what support, challenge, communication, leadership and fear really look and feel like and how to use them to become a high performing team.

Who needs it?


Picture 1: It took all of the attributes of a winning team to get up here. At the beginning of the day they not only would not have believed they could do it, they 'knew' they could not! This was an amazingly empowering experience for the whole team
Everyone talks all the time about the importance of teams these days, but not everyone has had the opportunity / privilege of feeling what is like to be a real part of a winning team. We have a whole series of experiences that allow you and your team to see, feel and hear how your team really operates under ‘laboratory’ conditions.

Strange as it sounds, the more intelligent you are, the harder it is to learn new behaviours if the learning addresses the intellect. In association with Vision Development we have developed a unique experience that addresses the mind, body and emotions. This powerful formula ensures that lessons learnt with us are applied and incorporated.

Using their superb facilities at their outdoor centres (the main one is conveniently located south of Reading in the grounds of Wokefield Park), we offer a series of team tasks, which accurately display your team’s natural style. We can then examine which behaviours are most constructive, and which ones get in the way of overall success. This is all done in a gentle, non-threatening way.

We then take the data gathered here and use it to work through a business issue of your choosing; ensuring your team leaves with a focused action plan, new skills and some unforgettable memories!

Just how good is your team? Are you ready for Team Challenge?

Find out and improve!

What they said about it!

There are times when you don't get any higher!

It took all of the attributes of a winning team to get up here. At the beginning of the day they not only would not have believed they could do it, they 'knew' they could not!.... This an amazingly empowering experience for the whole team, no matter what their abilities

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