Authentic Leadership

Leaders need to decide what's important, how to achieve it, when to act (and when to refrain from action!) Authentic Leadership happens when people act in accord with their inner voice, and that of the organisation they serve. This workshop focuses on putting leaders in touch with this inner guidance and developing it. Great leaders are in touch with their intuition and are not afraid to use it, but neither do they mistake fear or prejudice for intuition.

Who needs it?


Authentic leaders are people who can create an environment where others can see more clearly, act more boldly and contribute more fully to the organisation that they are all part of. The Authentic Leader can tap into their inner strengths, understand their own shortcomings and fears and create clarity where none existed.

We look at:

If the job of a leader is to 'get the job done' then he / she needs to create a system that not only does the right things, but does them the right way, with minimum intervention! A leader needs to prepare the organisation for not just today, but tomorrow as well, so he / she must be planting as well as harvesting.


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