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Learning from Failure 2 – recognising your limitations 

I wrote the other day about learning from failure, and I thought I would develop the theme a little further.  One of the keys of a successful leader / business person, is to learn their own limitations and to ensure that they compensate for them by building a balanced and team and by co-operating with others. […][...] read more » Learning from Failure 2 – recognising your limitations 

Learning from failure

I set out last week to walk the Ridgeway, it starts in Avebury and I was walking to Whipsnade, about 100 miles.  It wasn’t my first long distance path, but it was the first time I was doing it camping and carrying a big pack.  Despite some careful thought and planning I still ended up […][...] read more » Learning from failure

How to get your team to share and collaborate better

Google tried an interesting experiment to see if it could get its teams working better together.  It was called Project Aristotle and it studied their team dynamics.  They found that in the most collaborative teams, no one person spoke for more than 80% of the time.  This enabled others to ask clarifying questions and voice […][...] read more » How to get your team to share and collaborate better

Feedback – the gentler path

I have long been a believer in the value of feedback.  However, I can’t help wincing internally when I remember the company I worked for that introduced feedback as a standard approach / tool.  Someone would approach you, full of self righteousness, with the phrase “Can I give you some feedback..?”  What followed was usually […][...] read more » Feedback – the gentler path

Adapt & endure

I was walking the other week, and came across this ancient yew forest.  Some of the trees were thought to be 2,000 years old and this one was certainly ancient.  One of the things I noticed was that these ancient trees have cracked, broken and twisted over the years, but the fact is they keep […][...] read more » Adapt & endure

Lessons from England’s early exit from Rugby World Cup

There has been so much hysteria and so many rantings since England lost to Australia, that I thought I would see what it might teach us about managing change.  Obviously there are two elements to all this, much as there are to most business issues.  There the cold hard facts, and how they are interpreted […][...] read more » Lessons from England’s early exit from Rugby World Cup

How to be more influential…

The Entrepreneur had an article about Influencers.  If you want to become more influential, then here are a few things that you might want to do more of:- Think for yourself.  Don’t just follow the herd, think it through, do some research, listen to your own instincts, intuition & experience.  Don’t just accept the Status […][...] read more » How to be more influential…

How NOT to decide…

I recently encountered a business that is  to be about to make an easy, even classic mistake.  They need to change their structure and get clarity on the the key roles & responsibilities and rather than starting with “What are we as a business trying to achieve?”  and then asking “What is the best best […][...] read more » How NOT to decide…

Rugby World Cup lessons on leadership

I have written a lot about leaders recently, and in these rather ego driven times, it is trendy to link success, or should I say results, with the leader.  If you remember England’s rather inglorious exit from the Rugby World Cup, the papers decided to barbeque Chris Robshaw, as if he were solely responsible for […][...] read more » Rugby World Cup lessons on leadership

The danger of knowing what is best…

A company I know has a leader who has a vision of where they need to go to survive the threats that the economy and competition pose.  I am quite prepared to accept his analysis;  I believe most of his team are too.  So what could possibly go wrong and why is he facing difficulties […][...] read more » The danger of knowing what is best…