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Britain – post Brexit

Readers will perhaps know that I was against us leaving the EU and I was truly shocked when I awoke on the 23rd to discover we had decided to sever our ties with the EU.  I don’t think we are necessarily any less European now, though we will certainly be more British (if Britain survives […][...] read more » Britain – post Brexit

How to get your team to share and collaborate better

Google tried an interesting experiment to see if it could get its teams working better together.  It was called Project Aristotle and it studied their team dynamics.  They found that in the most collaborative teams, no one person spoke for more than 80% of the time.  This enabled others to ask clarifying questions and voice […][...] read more » How to get your team to share and collaborate better

Feedback – the gentler path

I have long been a believer in the value of feedback.  However, I can’t help wincing internally when I remember the company I worked for that introduced feedback as a standard approach / tool.  Someone would approach you, full of self righteousness, with the phrase “Can I give you some feedback..?”  What followed was usually […][...] read more » Feedback – the gentler path

Transformative thinking –3

Your happiness depends on your thoughts! We don’t necessarily have the power to change our circumstances (at least not in the short term) but we always have a choice about how we feel about them.  As something of perfectionist, I have a little voice that tells me “Things should be like this..” and if they […][...] read more » Transformative thinking –3

Transformative thinking – 2

Things change.. whether we like it or not! We value constancy and and loyalty but how we feel changes over time, people around us change, circumstances change too.  All this means we dwell in a state of constant flux, the fact that things might seem the same is, in truth, an illusion.  Wisdom comes from […][...] read more » Transformative thinking – 2

Lessons from England’s early exit from Rugby World Cup

There has been so much hysteria and so many rantings since England lost to Australia, that I thought I would see what it might teach us about managing change.  Obviously there are two elements to all this, much as there are to most business issues.  There the cold hard facts, and how they are interpreted […][...] read more » Lessons from England’s early exit from Rugby World Cup

Solving knotty problems

Another item from the program I listened to yesterday that really resonated was a conversation about geo-engineering & global warming.  Author Oliver Morton, who wrote “The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World” , was asked whether it was a good idea to bet the future of mankind on this kind of technology.  [For […][...] read more » Solving knotty problems

Black box thinking

I listened to a fascinating program today which talked about making and learning from mistakes.  Regular readers will be familiar with my thoughts on the importance of learning from mistakes and avoiding a blame culture.  It is said that the secret to being a successful entrepreneur is to fail often and learn every time you […][...] read more » Black box thinking

Don’t leave it too late to change!

Few businesses in history have had the total market dominance of Microsoft.  In June 2007 it totally ruled the desktop and PC market and was used by almost every business in the world.  It was no doubt full of bright, motivated people who thought the sun would never set on them.  This chart, posted by […][...] read more » Don’t leave it too late to change!

The rider & the elephant – part 2

Picking up from yesterday’s post. You need to understand that there are no good guys and villains in this model.  It may seem that if only the elephant wasn’t so easily distracted we’d be fine but it isn’t that simple.  The elephant is big and powerful and can do much to get us there.  The […][...] read more » The rider & the elephant – part 2