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We’ve been Trumped… or Brexit pt II

It seems there is something in the air, both the British rank & file, and the masses in the USA were persuaded to vote for the unknown, because they know they hate what they have. Both votes are a leap into the unknown. No one knows where Brexit leads, or even how to do it. […][...] read more » We’ve been Trumped… or Brexit pt II

Britain – post Brexit

Readers will perhaps know that I was against us leaving the EU and I was truly shocked when I awoke on the 23rd to discover we had decided to sever our ties with the EU.  I don’t think we are necessarily any less European now, though we will certainly be more British (if Britain survives […][...] read more » Britain – post Brexit

Learning from failure

I set out last week to walk the Ridgeway, it starts in Avebury and I was walking to Whipsnade, about 100 miles.  It wasn’t my first long distance path, but it was the first time I was doing it camping and carrying a big pack.  Despite some careful thought and planning I still ended up […][...] read more » Learning from failure

Vote ‘No Change’

You might be surprised that an exponent of change would suggest voting for the status quo, but that is what I’m doing.  It seems to me that what ‘facts’ there are all point to us being better off inside than outside.  Whether we are in or out of Europe, no one is suggesting we can […][...] read more » Vote ‘No Change’

Walking in the footsteps of others

  I recently spent an amazing week in the Lake District.  I wanted to explore some of the higher hills that I hadn’t visited before.  Technically they qualify as mountains, (and certainly felt that way!) but that term feels odd to apply to our English landscape.  I walk regularly, and certainly take sensible precautions, but […][...] read more » Walking in the footsteps of others

A handy problem solving methodology

If you get hurt, and need emergency medical help the EMT people use the methodology on the left.  I have marginally changed the questions to make them more general but if you bear in mind their medical origins they not only make more sense but make it easier to adapt the questions to suit your […][...] read more » A handy problem solving methodology

A painless path to change

I wrote a blog a little while ago entitled “Little by little” which talked about the importance of small steps taken over a period of time.  I came across this similar idea called Kaizen, or the one minute principle.  It comes from two Japanese words, kai (change) and zen (wisdom).   It is a technique developed […][...] read more » A painless path to change

A useful decision making tool

One of my very first lessons as a consultant was the value of 2×2 grids, which seemed to be used for everything from getting boy scouts out of horses’ hooves to proving they were geniuses!  Well here is another one, but it can be a handy way of making a decision. Give honest answers to […][...] read more » A useful decision making tool

Receiving Feedback

I wrote last week about how you might give feedback in such a way as it may be better received.  Today a hint on how to handle it coming the other way.  As I suggested last week, if delivered poorly, it can feel a bit like being mugged.  So here is a little three step […][...] read more » Receiving Feedback

Adapt & endure

I was walking the other week, and came across this ancient yew forest.  Some of the trees were thought to be 2,000 years old and this one was certainly ancient.  One of the things I noticed was that these ancient trees have cracked, broken and twisted over the years, but the fact is they keep […][...] read more » Adapt & endure