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Some things just shouldn’t change!

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

It is really worth taking the time to watch this video.  It is a beautifully edited, wonderfully shot film.  It shows some of the most beautiful places and some incredible people who show just how inventive and indomitable we can be as a species.

I guess that sometimes the latter is a threat to the former but we really do need to preserve this kind of beauty for our children and their children.

Some things are just meant to be and not be changed by man interfering, using or despoiling…







Starting over

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

I was out walking the other day I came across this.  The picture isn’t quite as clear as I thought, so let me explain what I was looking at.  This is a stump of a tree that has been blown over and its trunk sawn off.  Growing over the stump is a colony of fungi, and from the root stock fresh growth is springing up, drawing nutrition from the old root system.  It is a fabulous example of how Nature uses resources and adapts. 

As someone who had to start over when my life was metaphorically ‘blown over’, I can relate to this.  You have to use what you have left and grow again.  It may feel like everything you had was destroyed but those systems continue to try to nourish you and, if you let it, new growth begins.

It is common for very successful people to fail multiple times before getting it right.  In the US they are more forgiving of this and understand that evolution works in the business world just as much as the natural one. 

If today you find yourself in a place where it feels like there is no possibility of going on, that everything is in ruins, then perhaps you can take a little faith that no matter the disaster there is a way forward.  Look to your roots; what is it that makes you strong?  Grow from that place and you will find your way forwards.


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