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Windows 10–the story so far

The Upgrade I reserved my copy by clicking on the little Windows 10 logo.  Despite keeping my computer up-to-date, that didn’t spontaneously arrive, I had to ‘prompt’ its appearance (Google this for the trick).  I got notification yesterday that it was available and I clicked download.  I guess that took an hour or so.  First […][...] read more » Windows 10–the story so far

TomTom Go510 Review

I have owned a TomTom since I bought the very first Go, about 15 or so years ago.  I have had at least three of them, each better than the last and I recently upgraded to the newest version to Go 510.  So you understand your options available, this is an incremental upgrade on last […][...] read more » TomTom Go510 Review

3 Low cost, Fitness Trackers reviewed

In the order I tried them, and as pictured above, these are the Misfit Shine, the Jawbone Move and the Fitbit Flex.  They are are all relatively simple and low priced fitness trackers.  Basically they use accelerometers to measure how active you are; you can think of them as high tech pedometers.  The thing that […][...] read more » 3 Low cost, Fitness Trackers reviewed

It’s the future

About 10 or 15 years ago I said to my wife that I could not understand why the government was not investing in projects for car design that were just big enough for one or two people and had tiny engines.  These cars would be allowed to use a special lane, and you could get […][...] read more » It’s the future

Game changing

We aren’t all multi-billion dollar companies like Google, in fact, I am sure very few of us are!  So it is easy to sit back and say “Well it is all right for them!”  I would suggest that we all need to look at how, instead of merely being competitive, we can become game changers […][...] read more » Game changing

A tale of 3 IT Giants…and a corporate ineptitude

Yesterday was the day after Apple’s big iPad launch event and they released v7.03 of their iOS operating system, so I clicked to upgrade.  Apple has a global reputation for excellence and ease-of-use, so it was bound to be simple wasn’t it?  NO!  It turned out they had changed their T&C’s for iCloud and you […][...] read more » A tale of 3 IT Giants…and a corporate ineptitude

Every Dog has it’s Day

It appears that Apple’s time as the unchallenged ‘cock of the walk’ is over.  They became the most valuable company ever with a value of $622 billion last year.  People queued for days to pay premium prices for their every new offering, it was a gold mine!  However, although the iPhone 5 still sold well […][...] read more » Every Dog has it’s Day

Technology–master or servant?

Microsoft are about to introduce their most important product for years, Windows 8.  It is a new, common platform/interface to be used by phones, PC’s and tablets, so that users have a common experience regardless of platform.  They are taking a leaf out of Apple’s book in this and there is little wrong in learning […][...] read more » Technology–master or servant?

Man and machines

I was listening to an interesting discussion yesterday about the nature of technology and change, which are inextricably linked.  They were describing the way that technology was changing our world, uniting people, speeding up communication etc.; all very familiar sentiments till you realised these words were describing the introduction of the telegraph over 100 years […][...] read more » Man and machines

Initial Impressions–Samsung Galaxy S3.. or why I left Blackberry

I have recently bitten the bullet and decided to move on from my much loved Blackberry Bold 9900.  I have used Blackberries for quite some time and they were the best phones I’ve ever had.  I loved the way they were programmed and the way that their key functions such as diary, contacts and email […][...] read more » Initial Impressions–Samsung Galaxy S3.. or why I left Blackberry