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The Power of asking for what you want

I took my son to the cinema yesterday.  We had a good time, saw a great movie, but on coming out he discovered that his best trousers were covered with chewing gum.  He was understandably upset but going to walk out of the cinema.  I said “Wait a minute..” and went up to the first […][...] read more » The Power of asking for what you want

10 Reasons Why Communications Fail

There is a slightly cynical piece of wisdom about communications called ‘Wiio’s Law’ which says that all human communication fails:- Communication usually fails, except by accident. If a message can be interpreted in several ways, it will be interpreted in a manner that maximizes damages There is always someone who knows better than you what […][...] read more » 10 Reasons Why Communications Fail

A Communicators Guide to Good Strategic Communications

There are any number of golden rules to helping even very skilful communicators communicate better, but probably the golden rule is “If it is really important to get the message right, run it past the right person!” The thing is, just because it is clear in your head, doesn’t mean that it leaves your mouth […][...] read more » A Communicators Guide to Good Strategic Communications

Vital Communication

Communication, is it the air that we breathe? And if so are many of our companies choking to death? How long since you drew a deep lungful of sweet air? This may all seem a fanciful analogy to you but let me develop it for you. Air is vital for our health, indeed, respiration is […][...] read more » Vital Communication

Leadership Change and Communication

Having been brought up in a family with a father who had been in the army (like many others of my generation) and having started work in traditional British companies I always thought that leadership was something that naturally conferred by position. In other words, I made the mistake of assuming that Boss = Leader. […][...] read more » Leadership Change and Communication