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Brexit: a step into the unknown

I voted against this as did most of the people I talked to about it. It always felt less risky and I instinctively felt I’d rather be in the club and influencing it than outside and hoping. However, as nation, that is not the choice we made. Whether it was smart, and whether those who […][...] read more » Brexit: a step into the unknown

Learning from Failure 2 – recognising your limitations 

I wrote the other day about learning from failure, and I thought I would develop the theme a little further.  One of the keys of a successful leader / business person, is to learn their own limitations and to ensure that they compensate for them by building a balanced and team and by co-operating with others. […][...] read more » Learning from Failure 2 – recognising your limitations 

Momentum and Space

I have often written here about the importance of maintaining momentum in Change, but at the moment I am personally experiencing a different phase of this process.  It is seldom in our busy lives that we have time to pause and ponder, and in my experience most business people hardly have a moment to scratch […][...] read more » Momentum and Space

Changing times, changing me

I wrote a month ago about my new regime.  I was reflecting on it today; I began when I came back from holiday in May and saw my photos.  I thought, “I don’t want to see any more pictures where I sport a Buddha-like belly!” and, thanks to my daughter started to use a bit […][...] read more » Changing times, changing me

Lessons from the Bahamas – part 3

One day, we went deep sea fishing. It was a pretty expensive trip given the cost of the boat and all the equipment, we travelled miles off-shore and whilst it was a great experience, and despite our crews very best endeavours, no fish were caught.  We enjoyed the ride, enjoyed seeing flying fish, and the […][...] read more » Lessons from the Bahamas – part 3

Lessons from the Ceredigion Way–part 1

This was the final hill down into Aberystwyth, and this picture doesn’t do justice to just how steep it was!  We had just finished the walk from Cardigan along the Ceredigion Way.  It was unbelievably beautiful and if you like walking I can certainly recommend it.  We learnt a lot about the local flora and […][...] read more » Lessons from the Ceredigion Way–part 1

Some things never change…

Andy Fairweather Low and the Low Riders I went to an unusual gig on Saturday.  I went to see Andy Fairweather Low.  I remember him from the 60’s fronting Amen Corner, a pop band with a slightly different sound, but certainly a pop band.  He was playing locally and I knew he was well regarded […][...] read more » Some things never change…

A model of change

There are many ways in which change happens.  There is the gradual change that aging brings, the change of the seasons, the kind of change that dedication and practice brings to people like ballet dancers or body builders, and then there is the kind which just comes knocking at your door.  My son was at […][...] read more » A model of change

No Power

On 23rd we lost power due to some incredible storms that hit this part of England.  I had naively thought it would only be an hour or so before power was restored, after all, this is a fairly rural location and power cuts are not unknown.  I was therefore somewhat gobsmacked to learn that we […][...] read more » No Power

South Downs Way

Yesterday, a friend and I finally finished our walk along the South Downs Way, through 4 counties and two national parks.  It is 100 miles long and you climb (and descend) 13,600 ft.  You can see from the profile above it is all up and down… subjectively much more up than down, but in truth […][...] read more » South Downs Way