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A bounce of the ball

Monday, January 13th, 2014

As regular readers may have noticed, I’m a keen fan of rugby.  I have watched a number of games this season which have literally turned on a bounce of the ball.  On Saturday, Harlequins played Claremont in the Heineken Cup, and Mike Brown went one way, and the ball, unfortunately, went the other leading to a match turning try for Claremont.  The same story happened 3 times in both our games against Northampton Saints this year.  I’m not pretending this was all the difference between the teams, but each time, the result was significantly affected by a random turn of events.

This isn’t a phenomenon restricted to the rugby field, but happens in life and in business.  Things happen, apparently by pure chance that shape events.  The key is how we react to these.  Unfortunately, in all three of my examples we lost the games, but not for want of trying.  You have to be able to let go of the past and focus on how you should best respond in this new, post-event reality.  You will have options and looking for a way that works, rather than being despondent or blaming others for the failure, there are positive things you can do… Move on!

A model of change

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

There are many ways in which change happens.  There is the gradual change that aging brings, the change of the seasons, the kind of change that dedication and practice brings to people like ballet dancers or body builders, and then there is the kind which just comes knocking at your door.  My son was at an exhibition in London and was approached by a total stranger who said he was a model scout and thought my son had potential, and was he interested?  Well, one’s first reaction is “Is this some kind of scam?”  Next, you wonder if they are serious and whether they know what they are talking about!  At that stage you need to decide if you want to explore this very strange idea or not.

Well nothing ventured, nothing gained, so up to London he went.  A few photos later and a bit more time invested and there was talk about an exclusive for Prada, which came and went.  Next thing we know he has been signed by SupaModelManagement and this week he has done runway shows for Topman and Burberry, and had his picture on the Vogue site.

The thing is that when opportunity comes knocking you have to be prepared to embrace it.  It is easy to want things to be different but you have to co-operate with the Universe when it opens a door…  Are you ready to change?