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Going nowhere

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Last night I was unfortunate enough to get stuck on the A3 when the road was closed. at the height of rush hour.  For those of you unfamiliar with the road it is a major road with 3 lanes in both directions, and last night it was completely shut.  It was one of those occasions when all you could do is switch off your engine and wait.  People seemed to take it fairly well and a lot of folks were out of their cars and talking and wandering up to the nearby garage for supplies.  We were stuck for over 2 hours and when eventually they cleared the road, I discovered that the tail end of the jam was still firmly in place as I drove back home so some poor souls had another hour to wait. 

The thing is sometimes  you need to recognise when you are not getting anywhere, be it in business or in a relationship.  Sometimes like last night you simply need to surrender and wait, other times you have to do something to regain momentum.  The key thing is to realise that that you are stationary; then you need to ask if you can do something to change that?

Patience can be a virtue but sometimes it is prevarication in disguise.