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Some things never change…

Monday, March 31st, 2014
Andy Fairweather Low and the Low Riders

I went to an unusual gig on Saturday.  I went to see Andy Fairweather Low.  I remember him from the 60’s fronting Amen Corner, a pop band with a slightly different sound, but certainly a pop band.  He was playing locally and I knew he was well regarded by people whose opinion I value.  He played with Clapton on his Unplugged album and I’ve seen him on stage with Bill Wyman. 

He was playing in a local church… not in the church hall but in the church.  For someone who was brought up in a rather more old fashioned version of religion the idea of using a church for a band gig was pretty radical, so it appears some things do change.  This church had some very modern and adaptive ideas about their place in the community and how to use their assets to serve their community.

The band was real excellent and we had a fab evening.  At one point he played various of his old hits and I looked round as he played “If paradise was is half as nice” and saw a row of silver-haired ladies, who would have been teenagers when he had his hits.  They had big smiles on their faces and were bopping away.  Inside I’m sure they felt exactly the same as when they used to listen to his songs.  So some things never change.

Change has always had two equal and opposite components.  Some things that you do are great and you need to invest in ensuring they stay the same, others are not so good and need improving.  Both cost time and effort, both are key components to your Change challenge.


  1. If paradise

Game changing

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

We aren’t all multi-billion dollar companies like Google, in fact, I am sure very few of us are!  So it is easy to sit back and say “Well it is all right for them!”  I would suggest that we all need to look at how, instead of merely being competitive, we can become game changers too.

Today, I like many others bought a new Chromecast dongle.  For those of you who haven’t come across this yet, it has just arrived in the UK and costs the princely sum of £30.  What does it do and why might you want it?  Well, it allows anything you see on your Chrome Browser, or YouTube, or BBC iPlayer (whether watched on your PC, Android phone, or iPhone) to be viewed on your TV.  Thus converting a dumb TV into a smart one for a miserly £30.  Obviously Google control Chrome, Android and YouTube, but this little device makes them all play nicely and adds huge value to the consumer and Google.  They have made the code available freely to developers to incorporate this feature into their programs so no doubt it will start popping up all over and be another Android scale success.

It is simplicity itself to set up, download an app, pair with your network and away you go…

The thing is when you compete you will never win all the time, but when you can change the game like this you stack the odds in your favour.  What could you do that would make you customers go “That is a no brainer!”  How could you reconfigure your offering so that the barriers to saying “YES!” disappear?

It is worth giving this some serious thought, because the world around us is changing and if we aren’t driving those changes some other b*gger is!

If you still are not convince, then watch this…

Fosbury flop…