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“What’s the Difference between Management and Change Management?”

I had this question posed today and it hit a nerve as I’d been talking about this the other evening. It’s a good question and I wish it were asked more often. The short version of my answer was “The right answer should be very little, as I have always maintained that Change is the […][...] read more » “What’s the Difference between Management and Change Management?”

The Other Credit Crunch

We have been hearing all sorts of gloom and doom from the press about the fall-out in the banking sector and consequences of (according to Wikipedia) a “sustained period of careless and inappropriate lending.” However there is another sort of credit we don’t talk enough about or give enough of, the credit for doing something […][...] read more » The Other Credit Crunch

Managing a Smaller Business

Perverse as it may sound this is a big challenge! There is most of the complexity of a big business and less heads and hands to cope with it. This means that the leaders in a smaller business need to grasp a number of disciplines and ideas that would have specialists in a larger one. […][...] read more » Managing a Smaller Business

The Value of a Sounding Board

I suspect that many of today’s leaders, like me, were brought up watching westerns on TV, listening to John Wayne mouthing phrases like “A man’s got to do, what a man’s go to do..” and watching him ride off into the sunset. This, in a way, typified a generation’s thinking of what strength and leadership […][...] read more » The Value of a Sounding Board

Leadership: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

or Lessons Squash Strategies can teach Business Leaders. Hashim Khan won the British Open squash championship 7 times between 1951 & 1958, and is considered one of the greatest squash players ever. He was asked the secret of his winning ways and he needed only 67 words to explain them! His English was a little […][...] read more » Leadership: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Leadership: What it takes?

We constantly hear people talking about Leadership these days; great politicians, soldiers, explorers, sportsmen (and women), but what does it take to be a leader? Does it mean that they are the best technically at what they do? I suppose sometimes this is true. Does it mean ‘being in charge’? Well sometimes this is part […][...] read more » Leadership: What it takes?

Leadership: the Missing Ingredient

Having been brought up in a family with a father who had been in the army (like many others of my generation) and having started work in traditional British companies I always thought that leadership was something that naturally conferred by position. In other words, I made the mistake of assuming that Boss = Leader. […][...] read more » Leadership: the Missing Ingredient

Motivational Leadership

Knowing where you want (or need) to lead your business is vital, but it is only half of the story. Knowing how to get people to support your plan and follow you is also crucial. It is no use being the most visionary leader in the world if no one pays any attention It tends […][...] read more » Motivational Leadership

Leadership: Succession Challenges

For months now, the press has been full of the struggle the Labour Party is having dealing with the succession of Tony Blair. Whatever we think of him personally, and whether we like the way he has lead or not, he has been one of the most significant Labour politicians ever. Furthermore a number of […][...] read more » Leadership: Succession Challenges

No Pain, No Gain

It is a truism to say that we live in a changing world, but it is necessary to understand this to recognise that Change is unavoidable. If you aren’t leading it and making it happen, then someone else is ‘doing it to you’! Systems and businesses are just like people; they grow older and begin […][...] read more » No Pain, No Gain