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» Flight / Fight

Living your pattern?

I was talking to a friend & colleague today about something that someone had said to me.  He replied that I was listening to the content rather than seeing his pattern.  That this pattern was defined by how he saw life and how he acted so that despite the fact that I had offered him […][...] read more » Living your pattern?

Rivers of sh*t… or deep in the doodos!

Never say Life doesn’t have a sense of irony and timing.  This morning I had ear-marked as my day to make a ‘new start’; the day I was going to knuckle down and begin to get the business ramped-up after a necessarily quiet year last year (regular reasons will be familiar with the back story […][...] read more » Rivers of sh*t… or deep in the doodos!

Video Blog: Understanding the Flight – Fight Response

This is the second of our new series of videos about Organisational Change and how to do it successfully.  Understanding the Flight/Fight response is critical as it explains how people react under the inevitable stress that change in the workplace causes. Of course, all change can generate this kind of stress, including such apparently happy […][...] read more » Video Blog: Understanding the Flight – Fight Response

Understanding the Flight-Fight Response

This video explains why is crucial to understand how people are programmed to respond when they are under stress[xr_video id=”25b87f2ff5b94254bf685f31390188e8″ size=”md”][...] read more » Understanding the Flight-Fight Response

Invisible Boundaries

We all surround ourselves with all manner of boundaries; we have our personal space, the things we accept and those we don’t, those people we listen to and those we ignore.  We are allotted cubicles at work, we have our seat on the sofa, our parking space in front of our homes and many more.. […][...] read more » Invisible Boundaries

Letting go

Following on from yesterday’s blog about memories and the Past, today I’d like to think about letting go.  I know a number of people who are struggling with this.  I have to say, I am aware of no magic wand to resolve this issue.  There are a number of NLP and symbolic methodologies to help […][...] read more » Letting go

Your brain really does switch off when given ‘expert’ advice!

Professor Berns has discovered that our brains literally can be seen ‘switching off’ when offered expert financial advice.  He monitored 24 volunteers using fMRI technology whilst asking them a  series of questions spanning the range from gambling to guaranteed payouts.  “During some parts of the game the subjects had to make decisions on their own, […][...] read more » Your brain really does switch off when given ‘expert’ advice!

Conflicts & Resolution

One only has to look at what is going on in Gaza to see where the failure to resolve disputes can lead and the insane actions that it can lead one to.  The total failure of the Israelis to properly engage the Palestinians in any kind of meaningful dialogue has lead to this appalling situation.  […][...] read more » Conflicts & Resolution

Don’t think outside the box!

We are so often exhorted to think “outside the box” and there are all manner of clever gurus like Mr de Bono who offer us tools to help us do so. The benefits are clear and have become almost axiomatic, so why don’t we do so more often? The thing is, not only is it […][...] read more » Don’t think outside the box!

Is it a small world?

In these times of global crises, financial, ideological and climatic, it is oh-so easy to let one’s world become smaller. We naturally retreat to those things that we know, to the places that we feel safe and to the company of those we are familiar with. This is an understandable Flight/Fight reaction, but it is […][...] read more » Is it a small world?