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» Innovation

Black box thinking

I listened to a fascinating program today which talked about making and learning from mistakes.  Regular readers will be familiar with my thoughts on the importance of learning from mistakes and avoiding a blame culture.  It is said that the secret to being a successful entrepreneur is to fail often and learn every time you […][...] read more » Black box thinking

Windows 10 Change lessons

Like 75 million of others, I have upgraded to Windows 10.  It has received almost hysterical praise from the tech press.  It seemed that everyone loved to hate Windows 8, so much so Microsoft skipped Windows 9 in order to distance themselves from it. I find this all slightly strange.  Granted their idea of having […][...] read more » Windows 10 Change lessons

The nail that sticks out..

This part of the world is very popular with weekend cyclists who flock here to both enjoy the countryside and the sections of the Olympic cycle route.  We get all sorts from the mud spattered off-roaders, the grey haired gentlemen who are sensibly not trashing their knees by running, to the lycra clad racing fraternity.  […][...] read more » The nail that sticks out..

It’s the future

About 10 or 15 years ago I said to my wife that I could not understand why the government was not investing in projects for car design that were just big enough for one or two people and had tiny engines.  These cars would be allowed to use a special lane, and you could get […][...] read more » It’s the future

Game changing

We aren’t all multi-billion dollar companies like Google, in fact, I am sure very few of us are!  So it is easy to sit back and say “Well it is all right for them!”  I would suggest that we all need to look at how, instead of merely being competitive, we can become game changers […][...] read more » Game changing

Some times it is good to be a little strange..

Bramble Bank Cricket Yesterday evening I was witness to what I suspect must be a uniquely English piece of lunacy.  Two or three times a year a sand bank known as Bramble Bank appears above the waters of the Solent.  Some time in the 50’s, one sailing club challenged one of its rivals to a […][...] read more » Some times it is good to be a little strange..

The race you didn’t know you were in

I was out walking the other day, doing my daily constitutional, when I spied another walker ahead of me on the path.  I thought “I wonder if I can catch them up by the top of the next hill?” and upped my pace.  Bit-by-bit I cut their lead and and eventually overhauled them.  A pointless […][...] read more » The race you didn’t know you were in

Every Dog has it’s Day

It appears that Apple’s time as the unchallenged ‘cock of the walk’ is over.  They became the most valuable company ever with a value of $622 billion last year.  People queued for days to pay premium prices for their every new offering, it was a gold mine!  However, although the iPhone 5 still sold well […][...] read more » Every Dog has it’s Day

The Law of Unexpected Consequences or the Little Emperor Syndrome

In 1979 China legislated to stop families having more than one child.  It was hailed as a success and reportedly stopped the birth of 250 million children between 1980 & 2000, paving the way for China’s current prosperity. However, it is now possible to see some of the other, unintended fruits of this decision.  Families […][...] read more » The Law of Unexpected Consequences or the Little Emperor Syndrome

Apple and Google: the result of their patent wars

The net impact of Apple and Google taking each other on in the courts has not seemed to affect the public and their buying decisions.  Android phones are being activated at a rate of 1.3m per day!  The Samsung S3 outsold the iPhone 4s in the US in August, though admittedly this was just before […][...] read more » Apple and Google: the result of their patent wars