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Banking – Has anything changed?

Over the last two years or so the repercussions of the sub-prime debacle have been rocking the world economy, and bringing down such global giants as Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan Chase. Every High Street in the country has been left with gaps where businesses have closed; even such household names as Woolworths have bitten […][...] read more » Banking – Has anything changed?

A bird brained Idea? [video blog]

I’d be very interested in your feedback on the value of video blogs please![...] read more » A bird brained Idea? [video blog]

Change Lessons from Obama’s Mistakes in Health Care Reform

I think there are few people who would disagree with President Obama’s view that America needs its healthcare system reforming, especially all those Americans who can’t afford health! The US system costs roughly twice that of those in Europe or Canada and is far less efficient. A medical degree seems to be a license to […][...] read more » Change Lessons from Obama’s Mistakes in Health Care Reform

The missing puzzle piece

I had an interesting perspective on the work I did the other day and talked about in my earlier blog.  We were talking today and they said “I think the reason that it worked was it finally gave me somewhere to put my feelings.”  They had tried to let these feelings go for a long […][...] read more » The missing puzzle piece

The Inevitability of Change

I was listening to someone talk the other day and they referred to “the inevitability of change”, and it was a phrase that really resonated for me. So often I hear people talking about Change as if it was an occasional stroke of bad luck, a bit like a traffic accident or a snow storm, […][...] read more » The Inevitability of Change

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men, or how not to plan your changes

“This guy pushed his motorcycle from the patio into his living room, where he began to clean the engine with some rags and a bowl of gasoline, all in the comfort of his own home. When he finished, he sat on the motorcycle and decided to give his bike a quick start and make sure […][...] read more » The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men, or how not to plan your changes

Present Tense Future Perfect

Time is a concept that most of us take for granted, but Einstein showed us that it is rather more complex than we think. Many of us have an idea of something which is called a ‘Time Line’, where we place the past at one end of a linear scale and the future at the […][...] read more » Present Tense Future Perfect

Change is the only constant

or why you only get to choose the flavour of Change you want… Whether you realise it or not, managing Change is the key to every business. You almost certainly do not have a Change Director. You perhaps spend little time directly discussing it. However, every executive is looking at his (or her) business and […][...] read more » Change is the only constant

Who Sets the Rules

Who is at the top of any organisation? Assuming that you have moved beyond the one-man-band or founder-run organisation, then the answer is the people who have proved themselves most successful in the past. The historical paradigm is that you join a company, build a track record and move on up. The thing is this […][...] read more » Who Sets the Rules

Change Management – Adapt or Die

Charles Darwin is famous for saying that animals had to ‘Adapt or Die’. What happens when the environment changes? Some animals adapt to the new circumstance and carve out a niche… others fail to adapt and we all know what their fate was don’t we? So what happens when the business environment changes? This can […][...] read more » Change Management – Adapt or Die