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Treating the Complexity Complex

This is the second guest blog in a series from Holly Green in our occasional series featuring guest bloggers with interesting things to say:-   In my last blog, I suggested that many business leaders are struggling to deal with the increasing complexity of today’s business world. Here are some strategies you can employ to cope […][...] read more » Treating the Complexity Complex

Do You Have a Complexity Complex?

This another of our occasional series featuring guest bloggers with interesting things to say:- Are you overwhelmed by how fast the world moves these days? Does it seem like everything is getting more complicated? Do you sometimes feel like you might be out of your league when it comes to leading an organization in today’s […][...] read more » Do You Have a Complexity Complex?

My Twitter Lessons .. No1 (Getting Started)

I make no claims to being an expert but hopefully my toddler steps may help some others to learn from my journey. I’ve had a twitter account for about a year, but I frankly didn’t get it.  Why would I want to be  inundated with the minutiae of other people’s lives? And I couldn’t imagine […][...] read more » My Twitter Lessons .. No1 (Getting Started)

You can’t get the right answers, if you don’t know the right questions

I heard this phrase yesterday, and it reminded me that, in much the same way that they say that when the pupil is ready, the right teacher will come, if you are feeling blocked, try asking  different questions. Many people get stuck on “Why?”  but this seldom takes you very far.  “What can I learn […][...] read more » You can’t get the right answers, if you don’t know the right questions

It is ALL communication

I had a very interesting conversation with someone who was having a problem with two colleagues.  Something had occurred that caused a rift between the two; let’s call them Frank & Andrew.  Andrew had done something that had made Frank very angry and they no longer felt that they could trust/rely on each other.  The […][...] read more » It is ALL communication

Are you disgusted?

Our primitive, animal brains carry many reflexes which are there to preserve our species and have stood us in good stead for many years.  One such reflex is the one that triggers our response of revulsion or disgust.  We are hardwired to avoid things which might infect us, poison us and things that threaten our […][...] read more » Are you disgusted?

I’m a celebrity… part 2… Grrrr!

Tonight’s little anthropological insight was about territoriality.  They brought two new people in yesterday who didn’t handle their entrance to the group very well.  and triggered the group’s territorial instincts.  New groups are observed to go through four phases:- Forming [where the group is being careful and relatively polite and cautious] Storming [where they start […][...] read more » I’m a celebrity… part 2… Grrrr!

I don’t want to..

We have all heard about resistance to Change. It’s a bad thing… right? Not necessarily! And thinking that it is a sure way of running into trouble. Resistance essentially is all about communication. Either the behaviours are subtle forms of communication in themselves, or stem from incomplete or ineffective communication on the part of management. […][...] read more » I don’t want to..

Motivation… the short version

I was reading the synopsis of a best selling book on motivation this morning and I was frankly unimpressed, so at the risk of setting myself an impossible challenge, here is what I believe is the essence of motivating people.  They fall broadly into two camps; those who pursue ‘good’ things and those who seek […][...] read more » Motivation… the short version

Better Business Meetings

Meetings are often considered the curse of the business world; however, they are a vital tool. The reason they have such poor press is that most people haven’t a clue how to run one! Good meetings, like good food don’t happen by accident, they take careful planning and a lot of work that is unseen […][...] read more » Better Business Meetings