Britain – post Brexit

Readers will perhaps know that I was against us leaving the EU and I was truly shocked when I awoke on the 23rd to discover we had decided to sever our ties with the EU.  I don’t think we are necessarily any less European now, though we will certainly be more British (if Britain survives the post-shock waves of this decision and Scotland does declare independence.)  Whilst I feel we rushed into this and did so for all the wrong reasons, and I strongly believe that this will have little impact on our national concerns about immigration, jobs and regulations, I don’t think we need to despair.  Britain is basically a very pragmatic nation, one with links to other nations that go back centuries and with the skills to innovate.  We can think our way out of this, and who knows, we may even prosper.

However, it isn’t the politics or even the economics of Brexit that inspired this blog; what I wanted to reflect on was the opportunities for Change (with a capital C!)  You only have to look at the total chaos and realignment in our political world to see that we have witnessed more and bigger change there in a matter of weeks than we have seen in decades.  No one one really knows the rules of the game, no one knows what is and is not possible.  There is no ‘right’ way at present.  This leaves the door wide ajar for innovators, leaders and the daring to try something different.  Of course, some of these ideas will fail, but there will be many people, and businesses that will build their future success on the ruins of our membership of the EU.  Why don’t you decide to be one of those?

Now is a time to do something different, to push the bounds of what is possible, to find the quickest, easiest way to satisfy demand.  If tomorrow, you continue doing exactly what you have always done you are more likely to become ensnared in the swamp that out leaving the EU will create.

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