Receiving Feedback

I wrote last week about how you might give feedback in such a way as it may be better received.  Today a hint on how to handle it coming the other way.  As I suggested last week, if delivered poorly, it can feel a bit like being mugged.  So here is a little three step method on how to handle it:-

  1. Think:    Is what they said valid?  And you might pause to consider even if it might not feel valid within your reality or perspective, might it be so for them?
  2. Act:        If it is valid, do something to change what you are doing.  If you feel that the issue is “it is only valid for them” then you may wish to share a bit more information with them, so they can better understand your context and situation.  Then reassess if you need to change anything you do, even if it is only communicate better.  You may conclude there is nothing you can do, or nothing you choose to do.
  3. Forget:  Let it go now and move on!

In other words, having processed it let it go.

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