Transformative thinking – 2

Things change.. whether we like it or not!

We value constancy and and loyalty but how we feel changes over time, people around us change, circumstances change too.  All this means we dwell in a state of constant flux, the fact that things might seem the same is, in truth, an illusion.  Wisdom comes from accepting that it is not only okay to change how we feel about things and people but an essential part of our journey.  Distance and age help us see things differently.  Letting old hurts and relationships go is part of healing.  We age, circumstances both personal and economic change, we can adapt or just moan and attempt to cling to a something that no longer exists. 

I have a client who recognised that they needed to change their business model, and bravely leapt into a whole new way of doing business.  Not surprisingly, there were unforeseen difficulties and expenses along the way and it remains to be seen if they can pull through.  What is not in doubt is that failure was certain had they clung to their old business models and tried to ignore how the world has shifted around them.  Just because it doesn’t work doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea, it just means that you might not have had the resources to make it work… this time!

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