Once described by Ken Blanchard as "The breakfast of champions", feedback is a crucial tool for Change. If you think about it, when NASA sent their rockets to the Moon, they didn't just push a button and hope-for-the-best! They made constant and continuous alterations to the course based on the latest and best data they had. If you expect people to change they need high quality and sensitive input on how they are doing.

Good feedback needs to be:-

There are a variety of models out there for giving feedback, but more important than the method, is the spirit that it is delivered in. I have known grown men weep on hearing those 7 little words "I'd like to give you some feedback.." Useful models are:-

Remember, that you not only need to help people to deliver feedback well, but how to receive it in such as a way that they can use it. A key element of this is that management need to be able to take it as well as they can deliver it!

Creating a feedback rich culture and environment is hugely important, and extremely difficult to get right.

We can help you build this, find the best methods for you, and ensure your people have the skills to use them well.

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Testimonials: ..the result of Richard's intervention moved the team forward by at least 6 to 8 weeks - SmithKline Beecham, Director and VP of Enterprise Integration
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Of the forces which are imperceptible forces, none is greater than that of change ... all things are ever in the state of change ... therefore the I of the past is no longer the I of today. - Chang-tzu, 3rd century commentary

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