High Performing Teams

It is helpful to identify what makes the difference between a high performing team and an ordinary one. This is a subtle and complex issue but it has been observed that successful teams share a number of characteristics and behaviours.

How does your team stack up against these criteria? Mark them using the attached score sheet then ask them to do the same and compare the results. We believe that there is a key role in any team for the external catalyst. How often do you expose your team to this kind of new influence?

BEHAVIOURSCORE [1=low, 6=high]
Common Purpose 
Effective Measures 
A Shared Plan 
Clear Roles & Responsibilities 
Regular, quality, two-way Communications 
Adaptability & Creativity 
Effective Leadership 
Common Values 
Effective Tools & Processes: 
Effective Problem Solving and Dispute Resolution 
Shared Rewards 

Characteristics of High Performing Teams: this is a useful guide to what you need to get your team to perform, together with a handy assessment tool.

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