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There are all sorts of businesses that focus on team building events per se, but whilst these events are usually high on 'thrills' they tend to have a reputation for just being an expensive day out for the lads, lots of fun but delivering little. We take a different approach. All the events we design for you are focused on resolving existing business issues, such as poor communication & feedback, excessive competitiveness, lack of planning, the need to support one another etc.

The actual activities are interleaved with sessions which reflect on the learnings and how they apply them to the core business issues. If people have a tendency to act first, and communicate as an afterthought, it can very easily be demonstrated in one of our off-site sessions.

We ensure that:-

However, all of our work involves getting teams to communicate better, work together more effectively, plan properly, share the work, commit and execute, and these skills are all at the heart of teambuilding.

We have a number of 'products' that are very good at team building such as:-

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Testimonials: We had to unite a very new team of very bright people. We also faced a small but significant number of people reluctant to sign-up due to scepticism or fear. By using Team Challenge, we achieved & exceeded every single objective we set out with and people were buzzing with the experience months afterwards. Attenda, UK MD
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