Culture can be simply defined as 'how we do things around here'. It is made up of many factors such as:-

Every business has a culture, and it is not uncommon for individual sub-cultures to evolve within different parts of a business. For example, the way the Sales team works and plays is often very different from the way they do in R&D or Distribution.

Culture is one of those invisible imponderables that affect everything you do or try to do. It can either be a huge asset or a real liability. We can help you bring about the changes you need to turn yours into a positive asset!

Call us now to find out the impact this can have on your business and how we can help you.

We offer a very exciting and practical workshop to help multicultural teams to create the right environment, rules, trust and understanding to work effectively together. We also offer 1:1 coaching in this area.


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Testimonials: "We were faced with the specific challenge of how to unite a very new team of very bright people. So we decided to invest in Team Challenge. We founded a whole new company language, base and culture." UK MD Attenda
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