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Baker Tilly Case Study

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This case study was completed in 2001, and is obviously a little old. What makes this very interesting is that we have worked with this client regularly since this initial assignment. We have just completed the first phase of their 2006 strategy review and you can see here what their leader said to his team about the journey to date, and the challenges to come. It shows very clearly the benefits of this approach and the need to keep doing the work!

Wellers Case Study

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The sale of Wellers HQ in Guildford forced us to both move our business to Chertsey and to abandon our principal business activity, livestock auctioning, that was started in 1886. Four managers and a handful of staff (6) re-located to Chertsey and the rest (70+) were made redundant. Management was given a loan (160k) to get the new business started, and a 25% interest in the Equity Share Capital. In the first two years of operation substantial losses were sustained, and by the spring of 2002, the company was close to being insolvent. A chance conversation between a director of Wellers and a partner of Baker Tilly led to the first of a series of meetings with Richard that focused on the need to plan change - the central theme of this process being that a ‘decision not to plan’ was in fact ‘a plan to fail’.

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