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This is the life blood of any organisation or relationship (and what is an organisation but a series of relationships). The organisation is only as healthy as its communication channels. If your communication channels are ‘furred up’ then you are heading for a virtual coronary!

When organisations first recognise the importance of communication they are usually talking about how much they want to get over their message. What is sometimes missed is the key importance of listening: listening to customers, listening to suppliers, listening to staff, listening to competitors.

If you don’t listen to your people you are turning off their creativity at the stop-cock, you are dismantling your early warning systems! It is impossible to work in partnership if you aren't listening.

Communication must be two-way and constant. It is an art, not a science and must be constantly checked and nurtured.

We work with you to check that everyone is heard and key content is not missed. We design a variety of events, processes and surveys to both monitor how well you are doing and, more importantly, improve your communications.

We offer a very exciting and practical workshop to help multicultural teams to create the right environment, rules, trust and understanding to work effectively together. We also offer 1:1 coaching in this area.

Call us today to find out how we can help your team to communicate more effectively.

Testimonial: "The biggest & most important single contribution that I-Change have made to this business is helping us to communicate better" Wellers Auctioneers, MD

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Testimonials: The results of this project have far exceeded our expectations. Richard's mix of people skills and experience, ’hands on‘ took us through the proccess of change step by step... - Baker Tilly OMP
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