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Leading a Sustainable Business

I was talking to a contact at Henley Business School yesterday about a programme called Sustainable Leadership. This led initially got me thinking about Green production / economics1; this is obviously very important but didn’t seem to be the kind of issue I was used to hearing CEOs worrying about. Our conversation moved on and […][...] read more » Leading a Sustainable Business

Time For a New Kind of Leader?

What Gandhi can teach us about Leadership There can be little doubt that these are testing times for society as a whole and for business in particular. As long as I can remember, the banks in Britain have been considered as paragons of security and probity (remember the song in Mary Poppins that ridiculed the […][...] read more » Time For a New Kind of Leader?

Leadership Change and Communication

Having been brought up in a family with a father who had been in the army (like many others of my generation) and having started work in traditional British companies I always thought that leadership was something that naturally conferred by position. In other words, I made the mistake of assuming that Boss = Leader. […][...] read more » Leadership Change and Communication