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No mobile signal at home? Try the Vodafone Access Gateway (now called Sure Signal)

For those of you who like us have a poor or non-existent mobile signal in your home, here is a possible solution, if you use Vodafone.  They have now released a box that acts like your wireless router, and plugs into that router.  It connects to your 3G phone and sends the signal out via […][...] read more » No mobile signal at home? Try the Vodafone Access Gateway (now called Sure Signal)

Baby netbook: Advent 4213 – 1st impressions

  I bought this Advent 4213 on Friday.  It is one of the latest crop of netbooks on the market.  You may recall that I bought the baby that started this trend, the Asus eeepc 701over a year ago.  I thought at the time it was revolutionary, and so much so that they now account […][...] read more » Baby netbook: Advent 4213 – 1st impressions

Tomtom 730 traffic

I have just replaced my rather ancient Tomtom Go satnav (which was the first of their models) with the new 730t.  Tomtom have really nice philosophy of constantly upgrading their software and making that available free, so my old model has a lot more functionality than it did when I bought it.  It is easy […][...] read more » Tomtom 730 traffic

Blackberry Bold 3… living with it

I’ve been using this Bold since Wednesday, and after the trouble I had getting it set-up I was starting with an emotional deficit, despite its drop-dead good looks.  However, having got beyond those teething problems thanks to a helpful lady at Vodafone, I’m able to just use it now. The email pops effortlessly into my […][...] read more » Blackberry Bold 3… living with it

Blackberry Bold – 2nd impressions (the things Vodafone didn’t tell you!)

  So I’m on my second one.  You need to know there are two versions of this phone; the enterprise version for use with a big company mail server (BES) and what they call the prosumer version (BIS); this is the one individuals need.  Before you do a thing… go to http://www.mobileemail.vodafone.net/ and create a […][...] read more » Blackberry Bold – 2nd impressions (the things Vodafone didn’t tell you!)

Blackberry Bold – first impressions

I am not a BlackBerry user but had read nothing but good things about their latest phone, called the Bold.  It is being talked about as the RIM answer to the I-phone.  It is certainly a much nicer looking device than any of their previous offerings.  It sits nicely in the hand and the keyboard […][...] read more » Blackberry Bold – first impressions

Nokia E71

I tried one of the latest and best of Nokia’s new crop of phones today.  I haven’t had a Nokia for about 5 years now and whilst I have always had a high regard for them, they just haven’t been the right phone for me. The E71 is a very tempting package, slim, light weight, […][...] read more » Nokia E71

Internet radio

I bought a nifty little gadget which looks like and performs the function of a radio, but uses the functionality of the Internet to collect the ‘signal’, so you can pick up over 10,000 stations.  It is a bit like a DAB radio in as much as you have additional functionality, so that you can […][...] read more » Internet radio

Still fiddling…

Sometimes life imitates art in a way that is truly scary. You know that moment in the horror film where the music changes and the camera angle tells you that something nasty is coming from behind, and you maybe shout at the screen “For God’s sake, don’t go out there!! Look behind you!!” So last […][...] read more » Still fiddling…


Change isn’t just about attitudes and philosophies, sometimes it can be helped along with the odd tool that helps us move into new behaviours, so as a real technophile, who loves the odd cool gadget, I’ll be talking about some the toys I acquire and use to help me on my way. Having started writing […][...] read more » WHAT EVERY GLOBE TROTTING BLOGGER NEEDS…