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Canterbury Tales 2 – the Man in the Iron Mask

I came across the fabulous statue outside the Marlow Theatre in Canterbury.  It must be at least 10′ tall and the colour and texture is incredible.  I thought it was interesting how the iron managed to mimic the texture of skin so cleverly. I guess we all have a mask we wear, and probably a […][...] read more » Canterbury Tales 2 – the Man in the Iron Mask

A Canterbury Tale

Despite having lived in the South East for all my life, and in Surrey for over 30  years, I have never got round to visiting Canterbury.  On Friday night we realised that we would have an empty nest this weekend and thought that we ought to take advantage of this.  So it seemed an excellent […][...] read more » A Canterbury Tale

Calais Blog 2 – Surrender

So day 2 on our trip, and we have another day with no agenda. Continental breakfast on the terrace, a route march up the hill to some World War 1 memorial, then down the coast to ‘real’ French town for more sitting around followed by a delicious lunch of moules & frites. By this stage […][...] read more » Calais Blog 2 – Surrender

Calais Blog No 1… Saying ‘Yes!’

We had a rather nice surprise trip to France yesterday. My walking buddy & his wife suggested relocating our weekly walk to the other side of the channel and my kids (Bless them!) arranged themselves to make it possible. Everyone made it very easy to say “Yes”. The only thing that we had to do […][...] read more » Calais Blog No 1… Saying ‘Yes!’

Majorcan Blog No 10:

So we had to go into Palma to find the British Consulate.  Trying to find your way in a strange city is always tough, especially if you are driving but we had a great set of directions and our faithful satnav also helped, but it still was a real challenge.  The consulate was hidden on […][...] read more » Majorcan Blog No 10:

Majorcan Blog No 9:

One of the good things about a holiday is the chance to be aimless. One hears so much talk about the importance of goals and targets and focus, particularly in my line of work, one quite forgets the joy and value of surrendering and letting things just happen. Just floating round on a lilo in […][...] read more » Majorcan Blog No 9:

Majorcan Blog No 8:

Some of the trees in the garden are over grown with purple bindweed, or columbine. The colour is absolutely exquisiteite and it always draws my eye. I find it odd that something so fabulous could be considered a weed; I’d happily plant it at home if it would grow there. It is odd, when you […][...] read more » Majorcan Blog No 8:

Majorcan Blog No 7:

I thought I was going to be writing about the change in weather today; for the first time we have clouds blowing in over the mountains, and it didn’t seem to promise a good day for sun-bathing. Our new routine was going to have to be changed. However, this minor meteorological event has been over […][...] read more » Majorcan Blog No 7:

Majorcan Blog No 6:

I was floating in the pool on a lilo and thinking what an insubstantial thing it was to keep me afloat, just a little bit of flimsy plastic and a puff of air, and yet it was all that I needed to feel safe and supported. Sometimes a little support goes mighty long way, and […][...] read more » Majorcan Blog No 6:

Majorcan Blog No 5:

Isn’t strange how we go on holiday to get away from the old rhythms and routines, and within a matter of days we have built up a whole new set? Family is no exception and the days have begun to acquire familiar pattern of what and where we eat, when we rise and what we […][...] read more » Majorcan Blog No 5: