We need less oxygen

A team of doctors from UCL climbed Everest and at 8400 meters, took off their down suits and took blood samples from each others femoral arteries to measure the amount of dissolved oxygen in their blood. They discovered much lower levels than previously measured or thought possible.  If confirmed, it would mean that they could delay intensive medical interventions and thus prevent possible complications and side effects.

Another example of things needing less oxygen is the way embers can carry on smouldering over-night when covered in ash.  I had an interesting example today of the way some people are like this and can allow small grievances or even perceived slights  smoulder on months and even years later. 

It is an odd feature of human nature that how even the tiniest amounts of ‘oxygen’ is enough to sustain either life or a grievance.  Positively or negatively, one can either use this or be bitten in the bum by it….. Take care

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