Whether it’s the weather…

Maybe it is the weather, I mean snow at Easter! This morning I find myself assailed by awash of different emotions sweeping over me like waves on a weed-covered rock. Nothing has happened, no one has said anything and yet they keep coming, wave after wave, and none of them particularly pleasant. Luckily I am able to be relatively quiet and can just watch the ‘waves’ breaking over me and I don’t have to engage with others yet. It would be so easy to react poorly or negatively from this space. The odd thing is that I (by which I mean the inner me) don’t feel particularly ‘bad’.

So where is this ‘stuff’ coming from? It feels like being out on the moors in bad weather, just storm-tossed. Maybe it is some astrological confluence of planets, maybe it is due ionisation of the upper atmosphere or perhaps it is just hormonal…. Who knows! Sh*t happens! Get over it!! We are made up of such subtle forces all so delicately balanced, it is impossible for any number of experts to know how we work.

The interesting element of this is that I seem to be able to differentiate the ‘inner me’ from the rest of me. It sounds daft, and I guess you either can either resonate with this statement or think I am daft. After all,. Philosophers have been struggling to answer the questions “Who am I?” satisfactorily for thousands of years. For me it feels like the outer part of me is the seaweed, swaying and tossed by the waves, and the inner core is the rock, which remains unmoved.

Perhaps if this feeling is wider spread today, then you will take a little comfort from knowing it is just ‘psychic weather’, and not just you; perhaps realising that we are made up of different and deeper parts will help you make contact with the ‘inner you’ and enable you to take comfort from it’s deep wisdom and sense of knowing and connection. Good Luck and Happy Easter!

“The more a person analyzes his inner self, the more insignificant he seems to himself. This is the first lesson of wisdom. Let us be humble, and we will become wise. Let us know our weakness, and it will give us power.” William Ellery Channing


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3 Responses to “Whether it’s the weather…”

  1. ida_h says:

    great blog Richard!

    If it’s any consolation the weather or something has affected a good friend. I got a call from him this morning. He went to church today and came away feeling that he had to be a better christian. I asked why and who had told him so, his response ” well it’s me feeling that I make terrible mistakes and I feel I mustn’t make such mistakes”

    I asked whether this isn’t what makes him human but he reasoned that he should not make those mistakes in the first place..hmmm. I suggested that so long as he wasn’t going out of his way to hurt others and learned from these mistakes, he would be OK. The conversation ended with him going off to treat himself to an easter lunch at something called the Mill in Redhill..May I have to check in tomorrow to see that all is well

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

  2. Whether it’s the weather…

    I think it is inevitable that we all make mistakes Ida. That isn’t really the issue, it is whether we keep making the same mistake, and what we learn from the mistakes we make. As a Christian, perhaps he should learn to forgive himself? Still, I guess the key think is what he does with this idea; is his resolution realistic?

    I wish you both luck

  3. SarahArrow says:

    Great blog Richard and superb advice, as ever.

    Ida, Richard is right, he has to forgive himself first and then he can gain ‘redemption’


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