A lesson in public speaking

I went to a Jewish wedding yesterday and it was very different in many ways from the weddings I’m used to, both Christian and civil.  Of course there were lots of common elements too, but the one that really struck me yesterday was the speeches.  There were many more than usual; the best man, the groom, the bride, the bride’s brother, the groom’s daughter all spoke.  They would have won no prizes at Toast Masters or any public speaking course, but all were memorable and moving for one very simple reason, they all spoke from the heart. 

There is much importance attached to,and training for, public speaking and you can certainly improve your technique, but there is absolutely no substitute for saying what you mean and letting your true feelings show.  We were moved to tears and laughter by these people sharing their feelings and hopes for the bride and groom.

Like they say, “When you can fake sincerity, you’ve made it!”;in the meantime, why not take the huge risk of saying what you want and what you feel…?

I’d be interested to hear about your experiences of doing this kind of thing

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4 Responses to “A lesson in public speaking”

  1. I take the risk: I love your blogs Richard 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this kind comment and all your contributions Cornelis

  3. I think when the truth is revealed straight from the true heart
    of a person, people can instinctively catch that and understand
    her or his true intention. And the heart-felt speech with no fake,
    but with a genuine sincerity, coming straight from the speaker’s
    heart, does touch the hearts of many listeners. When sincerity
    is faked with some exaggeration or self-seeking selfish motives,
    somehow..people would catch that, also.

    When a person is truthful, speaking straight from the heart,
    I notice that their eyes do speak that. Strangely enough,
    my guesses often turn out to be right… lol (not 100% but
    …perhaps 80%). I think our eyes are the windows of our hearts
    and do speak and convey very well what’s inside of us.

    [Richard says]
    “…why not take the huge risk of saying what you want and what you feel…?”

    [Sachi says]
    I agree, and I do… However, I’m also learning not to be to the other
    extreme, speaking always the truth coming from my heart or what is
    on my mind sometimes causes some misunderstanding, or perhaps
    throw people off…. lol

    I enjoyed reading your blog again, Richard. Sorry for the lengthy
    comment which looks almost like this is my own blog. LOL
    I wish you a good start of your another fantastic week.
    Thank you.

    Saachi I’Mamura

  4. Thanks Saachi, I’m glad that you are able to do this

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