Video – does a picture tell a story

Today was all about video.  Firstly I was asked to view some CCTV footage and see if I could come to any conclusions about what it showed.  Later I was wrestling with trying to create and post HD video blogs.  The first task was fascinating; deprived of the sound track, one was forced to interpret the body language.  I was offered two conflicting versions of what happened, and it was not simple deciding what one was seeing.

The webcam was simple enough to operate, and theoretically one could press a button and upload it to Youtube.  However, for the best results it appears you need to consider a number of complex factors like compression, formats and rendering… all of which are double Dutch to me!  And even if you mastered all these techniques, you somehow have to forget them all and just be natural in front of the camera, another mighty challenge. 

The trouble is that video communicates so much about a person.  We make instant judgements about who we see and how they strike us.  We have views about their clothes, their posture, their language and pauses, and ever little thing we see in the background.  They are all clues which we seek to interpret.  The thing is, do put these pictures together accurately.  We are used to the sophisticated manipulation of the TV, whose job it is to cunningly hide the truth.

So is seeing believing… what do you think?

PS>>  Don’t tell anyone!! This is strictly not for publication!

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