The best laid plans…

Often go astray wrote Robbie Burns, and I had just such a start to my week.  I had a long list of things  I wanted to do this week, but on Sunday I contrived to put my back out so had to take things very easily yesterday.  Today, I had to attend to some family chauffeuring first thing that kept me from having the early start I had wanted.  It then took me several / hours just to clear through the mail and make a couple of calls.  Suddenly it was gone 1pm and I hadn’t stopped.  A useful morning but hardly the one I’d hoped to have.

I find I need to clear my desk (both literal and electronic) before I can start one creating something new.  I know that I could then have ‘begun’ my day, but by that stage it felt as if the metaphorical tide was out.  I know that sometimes one simply has to do what needs doing but increasingly, I find that I try to follow the flow of the energy.  I know some of my time management expert friends out there will have another perspective on this but doing things at the right time seems to have a value.

Plans are valuable and vital, but there is a less talked about skill of working with what comes up, and finding the middle path between these two approaches is a key success factor.

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley,”  Robbie Burns

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