As easy as falling off a blog? I don’t think so

I quite often read people saying “You should get yourself a blog! It’s easy. It will drive traffic to your site.” I beg to differ. Not so much with the underlying logic as with the presumptions that underpin this advice.

There are now 60 million blogs in the world. How many of these to you read on a regular basis? Not only that but if you go to a site and discover they have little to say and haven’t updated it for a month what does that say about the blogger and their business? Are you really interested in following the minutiae of other people’s lives (Unless of course it is one of those titillating sites about people’s sexcapades, and be honest, just how much of that can you take?!)?

I started up my blog in mid December, having no idea what this really entailed, or what it took to make it successful. You might feel this was a stupid move on my part, and you would be, at least in part, right! However, fools rush in as they say, and if I had known then what I know now, I might have thought twice.

During that time I have posted 113 times, and I reckon that it takes me about an hour per blog. I also spend at least half an hour per day following up posts and responding to them. That is a pretty serious investment of time and effort.

On the upside of the equation, as I have mentioned before, it has enabled me to move into a new space in terms of thinking about things and developed new skills in observation. It has linked me to a number of very nice and interesting people. It lets me become a part of my readers days and offers us both the possibility of introducing Change into their lives; I find that a very exciting idea. It also does help the website; according to StatPress, I have been spidered over 3700 times this month, had 176 visitors and 1153 page views.

So what would I say to someone today who asked me if they should start a blog? I would recommend them to:-

    Only do it if they were prepared to make a serious investment in it

  • Only do it if they are prepared to share something of themselves
  • Not to do it unless they feel they can add some value to their readers
  • Don’t do it just for Google, your human readers will see right though you

So if you decide to take the plunge, “Blog on!” and Good Luck!! I’d be interested to hear what lessons you have learnt and what observations you have made from your favourite bloggers. How do they affect and influence you?

“If an organization isn’t already in place where openness and transparency in communication exists and is practiced, then using tools like blogs will be unlikely to do anything positive for the organization. If your openness/transparency foundation isn’t there, don’t blog.” Neville Hobson

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