Isn’t interesting how sometimes it is the little things that irritate us that can help to cause Change. Think about how that tiny bit of grit causes the oyster to produce the pearl. It sits inside its shell constantly abrading its delicate flesh, so naturally the oyster needs to protect itself against this and starts to encase it in nacre.

If we don’t like something or someone, firstly we usually try to ignore them, and if that fails we tend to attack them. If they still don’t go away, sometimes they can become our very best friends. If I think about the flavours I enjoy most today; all of them were unpleasant to me initially, things like chilli, black coffee, whisky to name a few.

Somehow, with some of these foods, I always suspected that I could grow to love them. Not necessarily so with some of the people I later became fast friends with. There are interesting lessons in irritants. What / who is bugging you at the present moment… and more interestingly, why do you really find them an irritation?

“My ultimate vocation in life is to be an irritant.”  Elvis Costello

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  1. joanne_s says:

    A friend once told me that when someone irritates you it is because they are acting as a mirror for something in your own make-up. I hated hearing that!! But, after wrestling with it a bit, I have to admit that in the majority of cases its true! So, I don’t like people who always know better, no matter what… why? because I too like to feel like I have knowledge and to share it. I wonder if other people feel the same about me sometimes 🙂 It’s certainly taught me to sit back and listen more.
    Re your foods, have you noticed they’re all stimulants – quite a good analogy for your blog, I think!
    Jo Sumner

  2. You (and your friend) are absolutely right!

    I was mentioning to someone else today an exercise I once had to do that was surprisingly tough. Just sit in a room looking at your own face in a mirror; it might have been 10 minutes, it might have been 30, but I found it tough and it moved me to tears. Mirrors can be tough.

    And I love the idea of being a little ‘chilli’!

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