Food is Love

My wife came from a family that showed their love through food which may account for why she was such an amazing cook.  She was always reading about it, watching it or doing it.  She communicated not only those skills but that passion and caring to her children. 

I have my daughters ensuring that ‘Dad eats’, but not just food but platters prepared with so much love it is incredible.  I was asked what I wanted for lunch, I said “Bread & cheese”.  What I got was a platter of cheese, toast, chiabatta, hummus, chopped carrot & cucumber with mustard relish that would do a pub proud.  “What do you want for supper Dad?”…  what I got was a fabulous feta and lentil lasagne tasting better than most restaurants!

We often say “I love you” and that is great, but this love in action is something else.  I hope that you are finding practical ways to communicate how you feel to the special people you share your life with, because, just sometimes, there is no more time.


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