Someone up there has a sense of humour

One of the things my family has always enjoyed is grabbing a bunch of movies, maybe some nibbles and settle down to nest together.  We thought this seemed like a plan and I went to our local video store.  I carefully chose three films that I thought met the bill; an animation, a new Jennifer Anniston romcom and one with Michael Caine and a young boy.

They were all good movies, all worth watching but it turns out that they all had one further thing in common… each one had as a core of the story that the leading man had just lost his wife!  My kids looked over at me and told me (with wry smiles) that they were not trusting me to go to the films in future!

I have to tell you that “Up” is truly delightful film, “Is there anybody there?” is a beautiful little British film and “Love happens” is not bad either…

Hey ho.. another day.


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