Home Alone

Today was a strange day.  It is the first time on a Monday morning that all my children have been out to work at the same time and today I was here, home alone.  The house is silent.  I have cores to get on with of course, things to clean, calls to make and a set of good intentions about diet and exercise to live up to!  It’s not that I dislike the silence, but I am very aware of the house about me and its stillness. 

My middle daughter even phoned to see how I was coping with it.  It is all very odd and I suppose that when my son is off at Uni then this will happen more and more.  It was never a norm that I sought nor one I frankly wish to get used to. 

It is very different when work if frantic as you have lots to occupy your mind and time, but during this enforced sabbatical and whilst I’m under effective ‘house arrest’ it feels very strange.  It is a little like the Ghost of Xmas Future is showing me a glimpse of something that , like Scrooge, I’d sooner not have to live into…

I wonder what the next turn of the wheel will bring?

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