Last weekend I was trekking along the South Downs Way, which is a long distance footpath in the South of England.  We walked from Winchester to South Harting some 32 miles in a couple of days.  Hardly a marathon performance but the furthest I’ve walk and the first time carrying a backpack.  We were blessed with perfect walking weather and views over the silver Solent to the Isle of Wight.  We walked past Iron Age forts and ancient tumuli. 

One of the things I was very aware of was carrying my pack; by the end of day two I was very happy to lay it down.  It caused me to reflect that we all have baggage that we carry with us and, in day-to-day life, these loads are not visible but highly influential in how we respond to other people and situations.  Often it is our baggage that dictates our response more than our brain.  If we want to change, or help others to do so, it can be very helpful to take off these packs, metaphorically empty them on the bed and see if they are helpful.. if they are necessary… if we choose to take them with us on the next leg of our journey.

When I got to the B&B on day one I looked at everything I’d brought and asked myself if I really needed it; if it was worth the effort of carrying it?   I think it is a useful exercise even if you don’t fancy joining me hiking…

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