The Wheel of the Heavens

This wonderful photo is the result of leaving the lens open on a camera set to a very long exposure and shows the movement of the stars relative to Earth (or more accurately the opposite.)  It kind of reminds me that we are part of giant system and it keeps going round and round whatever we  do and no matter how we feel about it.  Each and everyone of us has our upsets, our problems and frustrations and we can focus on them, and have a lousy time or perhaps recognise that in this giant cosmic machine they are totally irrelevant.  The thing you are worrying about today will probably be forgotten the day after tomorrow, so why not save yourself some grief and forget it now?

I’m not smart enough to know if what goes around comes around but I choose to live my life on the basis that it does and try to put out good stuff.  If we all pretended this was right, and acted accordingly, it would make a difference.

There is a theory that we all have a little bit of stardust in us (literally) and perhaps we need reminding of this.

In the words of Neil Young “We are stardust, we are golden”

I wish you all a golden day


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