Change Often

Winston Churchill once said “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”   This is something that perhaps we need to remember today.  So many people find the unknown scary that they prefer to settle for the known, even if that isn’t what they need or want!  Being prepared to let go of one’s comfort blanket and expose oneself to something different is vital and never more so than in the midst of a globally unstable economy.  Good enough is not a long term strategy, ‘me too’ players go out of business where innovators move on.  Kodak once was responsible for 85% of all camera sales and 90% of all film sales in the U.S, but in 2004 stopped making film cameras and recently announced it would no longer make digital cameras either.  No matter how good you are you have adapt early enough if you wish to stay in the game…

Perfection might be beyond most of us, but the more you change, the more information you have about what works and what doesn’t and the better you are at adapting your game to the current market / circumstances.

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