A journey of a thousand miles…

..starts with the first step, so said Lao-Tzu.  The same wisdom is at the heart of Change.  I’m delighted to report that my latest client has recognised, for themselves, this simple yet profound truth and thus done much better than many bigger and more ‘sophisticated’ companies.  We had an initial session to map out their Change journey and as with every company I have ever worked for, communication was identified as as a key missing element.  So, within 48 hours they briefed their entire team on what had happened at this meeting and engaged them in some of the thinking that the senior team had wrestled with.  They realised the value of a strategic focus and initiated a series of monthly strategic meetings, off-site, to continue mapping this journey.  Next, they set up a regular weekly meeting for the senior team to ensure that their communication was better.  This simple step has transformed other companies I have worked for and should not be undervalued because of its apparent lack of complexity.  It is commitment and persistence that wins the race, rather than cleverness, as so many who recently ran the London Marathon found out.

You can pay clever consultants a lot of money but nothing will work as well as beginning, and then sticking to it!

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