A fresh start?

I was listening to one of my favourite radio shows, Desert Island Disks, the other day and the guest was Blanche Marvin, a theatre critic, actress, and producer.  Kirsty Young asked her about her childhood and she said she never talked about that.  When pressed further she said that it had been unhappy so she had walked away from it and started over.  She closed the door on it and buried it.  I suspect that there are some that would question whether one can ever erase the scars of childhood by a sheer act of will, but she seems to have made a happy and successful life for herself on those foundations.

In reality, most change happens as part of a continuum, with the future being built on the foundations of the past.  You have to acknowledge where you are and what brought you there, in order to learn the lessons and avoid repeating them.  In South Africa, part of the success of their transition was the Truth and Reconciliation process was the admission of what had happened as part of the emotional cleansing. I have found this to be a better model.


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