It is all a matter of timing…

I was out walking a week or so ago when I came across this unusual sight.  I don’t recall ever seeing a daffodil blooming in mid-January and it was made even more striking by a blanket of snow.  I have no idea if this plant will survive its premature growth spurt.  I suspect it will probably have to wait a year before it has the resources to try again.

It is worth considering that there is a lesson here for us.  Often it isn’t the idea behind the change that is wrong as much as the timing is premature.  People change when they are ready to and it is famously difficult to try to force change upon unwilling or unready people.  How do you get them ready?  By communicating effectively with them; ensuring that they understand not only what you are trying to achieve, but that you understand the impact the change will have on them.  They have to perceive some positive benefit to themselves in order to invest their resources in changing.  Once you persuade them to ‘bloom’ you had better be sure that you have created the right environment to support this change and to protect your delicate ‘flowers’ from unseasonal ‘snow’!  Get it wrong and you too might have to wait another year before they are ready to try again… 


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