What doesn’t kill you makes you strong

I was out walking last weekend and I came across these three trees which had all somehow found a way to go on thriving despite all Nature had thrown at them.  The first was twisted and broken by a storm and resumed its vertical growth, the second had been left with a fraction of its trunk and yet was still growing and the final one found it could root in the soil and roots of another tree that had been blown down.  It seems amazing to me that Nature is so resilient and its creations seem to know how to grow despite all that is done to them.

If people, or businesses, are allowed to learn from their mistakes and misfortunes they can go on to be successful.  In fact there is a saying that if you have never failed, then you simply haven’t been trying hard enough.  Most successful businessmen fail a few times before they perfect their offerings.  The difference between those who thrive and those who wither away is that some learn and give it another go.  When coaching people, it is important to ask them what hey have learnt from their experience rather than just judge it.

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